dog house with ac in UAE



SIZE: 3M x2M x 2M


Product Specification:

  • Brazilian Pine Wood
  • Insulated
  • Pet safe Door L
  • 2 Glass Window
  • Bird Attic
  • 1.2 TON SPLIT AC
  • Terms and Conditions

Embrace Luxury and Comfort: Introducing the Alpha Dog House with AC

alpha dog house with ac

Introducing our Alpha Dog House with AC – a pinnacle of luxury and innovation in pet comfort. As the scorching summer sun bears down relentlessly, ensuring your furry friend stays cool and comfortable becomes paramount. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled craftsmanship, the Alpha Dog House not only provides a refreshing retreat for your beloved canine companion but also stands as a testament to sleek design and superior quality.

At the heart of the Alpha Dog House is its revolutionary cooling system, designed to combat the intense heatwaves that grip the UAE region. No longer will you have to worry about your furry friend suffering from overheating or discomfort. With the integrated air conditioning unit, your pet can enjoy a constant flow of cool, refreshing air, providing them with a sanctuary of comfort even amidst the blistering summer heat.

Alpha dog house with ac Feature

The Alpha Dog House is not just a functional solution to beat the heat; it’s a statement piece that elevates your outdoor space with its sleek design and impeccable craftsmanship. The cladded walls exude sophistication, while the bird attic adds a touch of whimsical charm, creating a visually stunning structure that seamlessly blends into any backyard or patio. Finished with a striking solid black paint, the Alpha Dog House commands attention with its bold and modern aesthetic, making it a standout feature in any outdoor setting.

But it’s not just about looks – every aspect of the Alpha Dog House has been carefully engineered for durability and longevity. From the robust construction to the premium materials used, this dog house is built to withstand the elements and provide your pet with a secure and comfortable retreat for years to come. The cladded walls not only enhance the visual appeal but also offer additional insulation, keeping the interior cool and comfortable even in the harshest outdoor conditions.

Inside, the Alpha Dog House boasts a spacious and luxurious interior, providing your pet with ample room to stretch out and relax. The elevated flooring ensures optimal airflow, while the bird attic adds a playful touch and serves as a cozy nook for your pet to curl up and unwind. The integrated air conditioning unit operates silently, creating a serene environment where your pet can escape the heat and enjoy uninterrupted rest and relaxation.

But what truly sets the Alpha Dog House apart is its commitment to superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each component is meticulously crafted and assembled with precision, ensuring a flawless finish that exudes quality and sophistication. From the smooth lines of the cladded walls to the seamless integration of the air conditioning unit, every aspect of the Alpha Dog House reflects our dedication to excellence and our unwavering commitment to providing your pet with the best.

In addition to its sleek design and meticulous craftsmanship, the Alpha Dog House is also designed with your convenience in mind. The integrated air conditioning unit is easy to operate, allowing you to adjust the temperature to suit your pet’s preferences with the simple touch of a button. Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze thanks to the durable materials and seamless construction, giving you more time to enjoy precious moments with your furry friend.

In conclusion, the Alpha Dog House with AC is more than just a pet shelter – it’s a sanctuary of comfort and luxury for your beloved canine companion. With its sleek design, meticulous craftsmanship, and innovative cooling system, this dog house sets the standard for pet comfort and style. Invest in the Alpha Dog House today and treat your furry friend to the ultimate retreat they deserve – because when it comes to your pet’s well-being, nothing but the best will do.

alpha dog house with ac


Safety and Security: A Priority for every Dog House in UAE

While safety and security are paramount when it comes to your dog house in UAE. Creating an environment that promotes their well-being and safeguards them from potential hazards is essential. Here’s how you can ensure safety and security for your dog’s house:

  1. Sturdy Construction: Our dog house is structurally sound-proof and made from high-quality materials. A strong and well-constructed house can withstand the elements and protect your dog from the UAE’s harsh summer days.
  2. Safe Materials: We choose a non-toxic and pet-friendly materials for the construction of all our dog house. We build most of our Dog House using wooden materials to help balance and regulate temperature during hot summer days.
  3. Smooth Surfaces: We ensure that the interior surfaces of our dog house are smooth to prevent splinters or injuries. We sand down any rough edges or surfaces that could harm your dog’s skin or paws.
  4. Secure Entry: The entrance is wide enough for your dog to comfortably enter and exit, but not so large that it compromises their safety. Occasionally we Install a flap door to allow your dog to come and go out of the house whenever necessary. This works best specially for potty trained dogs.
  5. Chew-Proofing: This can be inevitable as our dog houses are made of wood and can be prone to chewing specially if your dog is in their early teething months. We recommend providing your dogs a chewing toys that they can chew during the months of teething to avoid unnecessary chewing on the edges of the dog house.
  6. Elevated Flooring: All of our Dog Houses is slightly elevated to prevent moisture from seeping in, which can lead to discomfort and potential health issues for your dog. Please maintain a regular dry cleaning within the dog house at least once a week.
  7. Proper Ventilation: Good airflow is crucial to prevent the buildup of heat and humidity inside the dog house. Adequate ventilation helps keep the interior comfortable and reduces the risk of overheating.
  8. Insulation: Depending on the area where the dog house will be placed and with careful consideration of the dog breeds and behavioral traits we suggest insulation for noise reduction purposes which will increase the costing of the unit.
  9. Secure Roofing: Our Dog Houses is constructed with wood to match the harsh climate of extreme heat during summer in the UAE, all of our dog houses have a wooden roofing to help regulate cold temperature specially when an electrical break out occurs. This will help to regulate the heat and for a period of time while the air conditioning system is not working.
  10. Location: We highly suggest placing the dog house in a safe and secure location, away from busy roads, potential hazards, and extreme weather conditions. This reduces the risk of accidents and keeps your dog protected. A shaded or covered area is advisable to avoid direct exposure to sunlight to maintain the dog house up and running for a long period of time.
  11. Regular Inspections: Perform routine checks on the dog house in UAE structure, flooring, roofing, and any other components. Address any issues promptly to prevent safety concerns from escalating.
  12. Dog-Friendly Landscaping: If the dog house in UAE is situated in a yard, make sure the surrounding area is free from poisonous plants, chemicals, or sharp objects that could harm the structure of the dog houses. Since it is wooden any dry leaves lying on roof of the dog house may cause damage on the surface overtime.
  13. Cleaning Instruction: Since this is a wooden Dog House we advise to use zero chemical liquid form, as this may cause damage to the wooden surfaces. We strongly advise to do dry cleaning of the dog house by sweeping the dust, using dry clean cloth to avoid creating any moistures.
  14. Supervision: While our dog house offers a secure space during hot summer days, never leave your dog unattended for extended periods. Regularly interact with your dog and monitor their well-being. It is important to have a regular ch3eck up on your dog house to check the inevitable.



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