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This dog house with ac in UAE model is specifically designed to add more protection to your dogs during the hot summer months in the UAE. The insulated foam combined with Air condition working 24/7 will keep your Dog safety and secure the from the most common heatstroke problem.


Things to remember when buying a Dog house with AC in UAE

If you’re a pet owner in the UAE, you know how important it is to provide your furry friend with a comfortable and safe place to call home. Our dog house with ac in UAE is a great way to give your dog a cozy spot to relax and sleep, while also protecting them from the elements. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best doghouse with ac in UAE.

Why Do you need a Dog house with AC in UAE?

1. UAE’s weather is predictably hot especially during months of July until the Month of November. It is very important that your dog a safety place to stay in if not inside your house, then a Dog house with AC in UAE is absolutely necessary.

2. Most of the local family have a respective tradition and culture here in the UAE. Although kids and parents can agree to pet a dog at home, however the elderly may not be so pleased with the noises they make during prayer time. In that an Insulated Doghouse with ac is highly suggested. You can keep the dog safely in the doghouse with ac while the family has important thing to do on a daily basis.

3. 30% of UAE expatriates own a pet, some even moved in with their pets all the way from their home country to the UAE. Pet relocation here in the UAE from some other countries has been quite a challenge for some. Some of their pets particularly the dog is not accustomed to the weather inside the country.

Some real estate companies are not allowing pets to stay at home especially in a building or so. Thus, left them no choice but to move to a bigger property such as Villas. While many allows pet to stay at home for safety purposes, people find it disturbing and somehow destructive to receive a guest at home thus that were not really accustomed to dog behaviors. 

Dog house with AC in UAE can be a great solution for this matter. our company offer and provide variety of options where you can choose to fit in your needs and requirements. Our Doghouse are built with custom design ensuring the safety of your pets. Dog House with Ac in UAE in most cases is relatively required. The ac can help your dog maintain and generate a cool temperature inside the doghouse, with enough circulation of air your dog is very well safe and comfortable.

What are the Types of Dog house with AC in UAE?

With the plethora of options to choose from one should have the understanding of the basic and exceptional Dog house with AC in UAE requirement. In this section we will guide you the types of Doghouses with Ac in UAE that will fit right for your needs.

1.  Insulated Dog house with Ac in UAE: this type of doghouse rare in UAE. Most people think that insulation doghouses commonly work for extra cool temperature country, such where in the western and northern countries. This is not always the case, here in UAE an insulated Doghouse with the presence of Air conditioning can help regulate and maintain a cool temperature inside the doghouse. Here in we highly recommend the use of Insulated doghouse with ac. If you need any help on which doghouse to build with, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

2. Wooden Dog house with AC in UAE: We choose a high quality Australian and Canadian white wood to help give sustainability for heat resistant. Our wooden doghouses are carefully plan and built to simplify the nature of its usage. We cut the plunk of wood and measure a 1-inch thickness and grooved to interlock wood paneling for the walling, roofing and flooring. This is the safest way to build the house as it keeps the dust from getting inside, especially here in UAE where sandstorm commonly occurs during the summer.

3. Dog house with Ac in UAE made of Aluminum and Tempered Glass: this may sound a bit fancy but yes some of our customer would want to have a replica Dog house with ac in UAE unit to their houses/villa. This type of doghouse is built with caution and safety to ensure durability and comfort. We use steel for the doghouse structure. After which we Pannel it with an aluminum framed tempered glass. In most cases we build this in our factory and delivered it via crane truck and unload it your desired area.

Exceptionally we do a knockdown installation if there is no feasibility in the entrance for a truck to go in, and if the size of the doghouse is big enough to transport via truck. The building will take more days compared to our Wooden Dog house with ac in UAE. The paint finishing will vary at the outside weather also, we need a normal calm weather to do the painting as sandstorm or windy days can affect the paint finish.

4. Doghouse with AC in UAE made of Metal and GI Mesh: This type of doghouse is very uncommon here in UAE and we don’t actually provide them to individual customers unless we know that it will be used in an area where there is a cool temperature or have an air conditioning unit. We mostly provide this type of Doghouse to Pet Boarding and Airports here in UAE. Pet boarding are quite common here in UAE especially in Dubai, in fact we have built pet boarding to some of the most well-known company here in Dubai such as Petsville.

5. Doghouse with AC in UAE made of Medium Density Fiber and Plywood: The fact these materials are quiet low in costing its usage will not work best outdoor especially here in UAE. Some of our clients do insist to have it built at a minimal budget. Before we proceed to production we highlight to them the disadvantages of the unit, if they are okey with that only then we make. 

You see, we try to accommodate everyone but to certain extent we need to be mindful about the harm of some materials. We always go for quality, somehow at some point it will reflect our business culture and we don’t want to Tarnish that, since Dubai Get Go to now we have made a remarkable project inside UAE that is truly helpful for the need of our clients.

How to maintain your Doghouse with AC in UAE?

Having a dog house with ac in UAE is handy when it comes to maintenance. In this section we will discuss on how you can maintain your Doghouse.

1. Cleaning: Dry cleaning your dog house with ac in UAE is recommended anytime of the day and anyway of the week. Broomsticks and sweepers are great tools to keep out the sand and hardened Stools.

2. Washing with water: The use of water is enough to clean your doghouse at least once a week. We strongly advise not to use any liquid/washing powder unless you clean and wash it thoroughly. Some of the powder particles may left dry inside the house and would be harmful for your Dogs.

3. Air-conditioning usage: Although it is okey to use the AC 24/7 week till suggest and advise to give it a cooldown period of at least 12 hours once a week. This nis to give enough time to empty the water storage on your ac unit. Once it dries out several hours after shutting it down then you may be able to use it again. This will help maintain a cooling temperature Doghouse with Ac in UAE.

4. Electric and Exhaust Fan: This electronic will help regulate a cooling temperature especially during daytime. We advise to keep the exhaust fan running 24/7 so long as you are using the Air condition. this will help push out the heat. It also minimizes unwanted smell inside the doghouse.

5. Light Bulb and Switch Buttons: Here in we install the Light Bulbs switch mostly in the outside part of the doghouse, to make sure that it is not reachable by the dogs. Some dogs will play around with, and it can mess up the wiring and may harm them. Usage of light is advisable during the nighttime of course especially if your doghouse is located at the backside of the house.

 We hope we have provided if not brief but enough details on what the important usage of Dog house with ac in UAE are. If there’s anything that we can help you or have doubt and confusion on which Doghouse with air-condition unit to choose from simply hover around our dog house with ac in UAE category DOG HOUSES – Dog House in UAE, we provide multiple option you can choose from. It would be best to contact us so we can guide you better.

For the love of dog, we provide variety of options for a Dog House with ac in UAE that will definitely help you combat the country’s harsh weather. Their lives matter too. 

Dog House With AC in UAE 


Absolutely love the custom bed and puppy gate that they made for my dog! Extremely professional and talented team, great quality product and exceptional customer service. The owner is very friendly, creative and dedicated to her brand. 10/10 product design, delivery and installation. Would highly recommend!
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Yogit Yrana_09


Ohh boy! These guys are talented. Got a doghouse for my puff and even on their delivery date the installation was done carefully by their team. Great supervision and articulate design. Good luck guys.
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Faris Abaz

What makes an excellent choice for a Dog house with ac in UAE?

1. Dedication to Design Excellence: When you embark on the challenging journey of selecting the ideal dog house with air conditioning for your cherished pet in the UAE, the importance of design excellence cannot be overstated. We, at takes this aspect to heart, elevating your pet’s shelter to a whole new level.

Our commitment to design excellence is evident in our extensive portfolio. Picture, for instance, the “ARKARNA” series, a testament to the fusion of aesthetics and function. These dog houses are inspired to be the opulent sanctuary for every Pet Owners in the UAE featuring intricate extended Play area, ornate details, and spacious interiors that reflect the grandeur of your home. this dog house with ac in UAE model is our top seller.

On the other end of the spectrum, the “PETRA” series exemplifies modern minimalism, boasting clean lines, sleek finishes, and smart technology integration marking it as the most Luxury dog House in UAE we ever come up with. Whether you desire a traditional and simple design or a contemporary masterpiece,’s dedication to customizing each design ensures that it seamlessly aligns with your unique preferences.

2. Tailored Solutions for Every Budget: Understanding the financial diversity among pet owners, we at has made it our mission to provide tailored solutions for every budget. We offer a diverse range of dog houses with AC in UAE, making sure no pet owner is left without options. Take, for instance, their “SHEKINAH” model, a testament to affordability without compromising on quality. It ensures efficient cooling and comfort while being budget friendly.

Conversely, their “ALEXA” is a masterpiece of luxury, complete with cutting-edge cooling technology, expansive interiors, and lavish finishes, catering to those who spare no expense in pampering their pets. Our unwavering commitment to offering options at various price points ensures that every pet owner, regardless of their financial capacity, can find the perfect solution.

3. Unparalleled Quality and Comfort: In the unforgiving UAE climate, ensuring your pet’s comfort is paramount, and this is precisely where truly excels. Our dog houses with AC in UAE region are carefully crafted to deliver the epitome of comfort. For instance, consider our state-of-the-art “INSULATED DOG HOUSE WITH AC” system, an innovation that not only maintains an ideal temperature inside the dog house but also actively regulates humidity levels for maximum comfort.

This cutting-edge technology, combined with superior insulation materials, guarantees a cool and cozy haven for your pet, no matter how scorching the heat outside may be. It’s’s unwavering dedication to the well-being and contentment of your pet that sets them apart from the competition.

4. Seven Years of Excellence:’s claim to being the best dog house with AC manufacturer in the UAE for seven consecutive years is not just a catchy phrase; it’s a testament to our unwavering dedication. Look at our track record, where customer satisfaction and glowing reviews consistently sing praises. For seven years running, we’ve been the trailblazers of innovation and excellence in the industry. This remarkable legacy speaks volumes about our reliability, quality, and the trust we’ve earned from countless pet owners over the years.

5. The Difference:, is not merely a manufacturer; we epitomize a commitment to excellence that few can rival. Choosing means selecting a company that treats every dog house design as a masterpiece, irrespective of your budget. We’re opting for a brand that prioritizes your pet’s comfort above all else, offering them a haven of luxury and care.

It’s placing your trust in a legacy of seven years that signifies reliability and unmatched quality. is not just a brand; it’s a promise to provide your cherished pet with the very best, ensuring they have a sanctuary that reflects the love and care you hold for them, right within your own backyard. 

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