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The What ifs of Wooden dog Crate.

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Wooden Dog Crate in formerly known as  Dubai Get Go. You might be having questions about the usefulness of Wooden Dog Crate in Dubai and UAE. We’ll Let me help you with that. Their usage and functionality are pretty much simpler. Most Dog owners in UAE and Dubai are likely to have this at home. Whether you want a pre-design or customized Dog Crate, we can have it all for you.

Our Wooden Dog Crate is built with passion. Like you we also love Dogs. But we all know how Dogs behavior can be terrifying at times. During the first 3 month of their puppyhood Dogs are very irate. As a puppy they tend to chew a lot and bite more often. Of course, this is because they just started teething. Let us not blame the Dogs for this anyways. Like baby who just started teething, dogs also find it difficult and annoying.

What a useful Wooden Dog Crate is.

Wooden Dog Crate in Dubai and UAE

In Multiple ways, yes Wooden Dog Crate is the best solution for your scariest thoughts at home. I’ll tell you a short story of my personal experience. So, I just recently got this Husky Puppy, God forbid huskies are so lovely and adorable and so sweet.

But Ohm dear lord, one fine day i was away from home for an errand. Comfortable of the thought that I’d be back in just 2-3 hours i left my dog at home. Guess what happens next? As i was on my way home I couldn’t stop thinking about what my dog is doing alone in the past 6 hours. Yes 6 hours!!!! arghhh blame it on the sheikh zayed road traffic.

A Big Surprise!!!!!

Main door opening and I’m In, and Voila! I saw a couple of torn tissue paper everywhere. Soils are scattered on the floor, hhh that is just looking so bad Ram!!! Where are you? As i walk towards my living room/ bedroom, well here is the most surprisingly scaring part.

Do you imagine an overnight pillow fight with all the white feathers floating in the air and messing up your bed? Thats the exact thing i saw. Oh Man! i got so Furios looking at it.

Where are you! You little…. i couldn’t finished what i was about to say out of anger though. I just saw him lying puppy in one corner looking at me like telling me “Hey mom it’s not me alright”. Definitely yes, its him, but is actually me though. It could have been better days if I had the Dog Crate during those days. I just thought, it wasn’t his fault after all. Maybe if I haven’t been out for too long this wouldn’t happen.

Going back to my point, yes if i had a Wooden Dog Crate that time, it wouldn’t be all the messy and scary. I can just tuck him inside the Wooden Dog Crate. Keep a food and water enough until I come back. Rest assured when I get home he is just fine, and my personal stuff too.

Alright guys, guess we have highlighted all the positive aspect about having a Wooden Dog crate at home. Let Us hear from you too. Email us your ideas @  . We would love to hear from you. Who know maybe one of your ideas will be uio to our Blog too. We are updating our Blog at least twice a week so you can check our page and your comment is more welcome their too.

We encourage you to be more honest with your comment, so we know in which way to move forward. If there are things to be enhance and develop it would be a great help to us.

Additional info for this Dog Crate:


  • 200cm x 70cm x 83cm
  • 2 rooms and 2 drawers
  • White Melamine
  • Metal Rod
  • Color and Size Can be Custom Made depending on your requirement.

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